Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day of the Storm

It all started as a sunny, very humid, hot Sunday. The day changed as the sky darkened, time to get the washing in, we're in for a storm.

I never expected it to be this severe. There was hail, strong winds, very heavy rain. We had rain in the house, lost tiles on the roof, hail smashing windows, we lost electricity and it was dark. When it finally calmed we went outside.

There was water running through the backyard. Trees had come down. Large trees on the other side of our back fence came out of the ground from the roots. These were the trees that a lot of wild lorikeets, and cockatoos and galahs came and sat in. This is one of the birds, we call him BonTon. I have seen them over the fence in the smaller trees.

We were lucky, other people got it worse than us. The streets are covered with large eucalypt trees that came down. Roofs are covered with tarps waiting for repairs (ours included). Chainsaws are buzzing non stop as the cleanup continues. Street sweepers are sweeping the streets of debris.
We finally got the electricity back on about 30hours later, that's a long time with kids. We cooked outside. It was a bit like camping but we could still sleep in our own beds.

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Angela said...

Wow! I am glad that you are okay. That does look like it was a terrible storm!