Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A little Easter Gocco

Someone has been having fun with the Gocco. A little picture with the Easter Mummy Bunny hopping into town! It's so cute

I made them into little notebooks by sewing some sheets of white paper inside and they will be delivered to the class friends today, last day of school term before Easter.

Hope you all have a lovely break and the Easter Mummy Bunny visits you too!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prime Real Estate - BonTons Craft Space

My daughter decided to move her desk out of my craft room last week so some prime real estate has made itself available!! I am very excited to fill this space but a bit sad that she has moved on even though her space was mainly her dumping zone.

It's a whole corner space complete with 1 shelf and power supply. I don't want to fill this space with storage tubs and supplies. I'm hoping it will be a useful productive space. Some more pics in the future as how this space is transformed so stay tuned!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Remember your first sale...

Beccy Bear from BonTonsKids Etsy shop sold last week. It was their first sale and there was happy dancing, and cheering for those involved.

The parcel was sent yesterday to the other side of Australia, to a very much admired artist.

Remember your first sale and how excited you were?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gocco Love

I decided to buy a Gocco machine after watching a youtube from the Etsy Labs. It looked fun and great for the kids to use.

After some research I discovered that the Riso Company has since ceased making Gocco machines and supplies and it has become more expensive to buy Gocco machines and source the supplies to use them.

Some hesitation set in and decided against the idea. Then I was searching radomly and found one (it was meant to be!) with inks, screens and bulbs to allow us to start straight away.

Now the kids love to Gocco, the process is so easy. Check out BonTonKids.etsy.com as they have so much fun using the Gocco and they insist on sharing their craft with the world, why not they're pretty good little artists.

When supplies are depleated or so expensive that I can't afford it anymore, then they will just have to remember the good old days when they had this really cool screenprinting machine from Japan to use.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make your own Tutu DIY

I always wondered how to make my own Tutu. So a quick google search reveals many tutorials available. Loads of hints and ideas and a wonderful range of colour combinations to make that perfect tutu.

We had a birthday recently so I decided to put these new tutu skills to use. This is a very simplified version of what I did, do a search you will find a lot of tutorials available.

There are so many different colours of tulle, choose some soft tulle so it's not too scratchy. I chose 5 colours for a rainbow looking tutu. Cut into 3 inch strips, fold in half this will be the length of your tutu. Snip the ends (not the folded end) off to create a fish tail effect.

Measure the waistline of the tutu wearer and add extra to either side. You can use ribbon or elastic. Tie the ribbon or elastic together into a circle. Stretch onto the back of a chair, this handy hint made it easy to tie the strips on.

Gather 3 strips of tulle together, I used different colours each time, and work your way around the elastic or ribbon. Measure as you go to fit the tutu wearer.

I'm very happy with the results and this year will be the year all little girls we know will be receiving a tutu for their birthday!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Movie World Family Adventure

We've had a couple of birthdays here in the last week so we decided to have a family adventure to Movie World on the Gold Coast. It was fantastic, rides for all ages and whilst I went on the "Family" rated roller coaster, that was scary enough for me. We highly recommend the 4D Shrek show, but not for little kids, the boy got a lot scared.

Lots of chocolate cake and green jelly has been eaten also a lot of candle blowing and wishes

Happy Birthday precious ones!