Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gocco Love

I decided to buy a Gocco machine after watching a youtube from the Etsy Labs. It looked fun and great for the kids to use.

After some research I discovered that the Riso Company has since ceased making Gocco machines and supplies and it has become more expensive to buy Gocco machines and source the supplies to use them.

Some hesitation set in and decided against the idea. Then I was searching radomly and found one (it was meant to be!) with inks, screens and bulbs to allow us to start straight away.

Now the kids love to Gocco, the process is so easy. Check out as they have so much fun using the Gocco and they insist on sharing their craft with the world, why not they're pretty good little artists.

When supplies are depleated or so expensive that I can't afford it anymore, then they will just have to remember the good old days when they had this really cool screenprinting machine from Japan to use.

1 comment:

helena said...

waaah!! You've started goccoing! I've got mine sitting in the cupboard, I still haven't touched it yet. So scared to use it! xoxooxox