Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What the kids are up to....

It's been an exciting school holidays. We are a pretty creative bunch, Woodworking Dad, Sewing Mum, Kids that love paper and paint! The kids have been creating up a storm. The Big One has admired my Etsy store and has wanted to add some of her stuff for ages.

I opened a Section called BonTonsKids for them. Not so sure about going and opening a new Etsy Shop. Within a couple of days, hearts appeared and before the excitement wore off, an item was featured in an Awesome Treasury!

So with the school holidays almost over, I still have the inevitable task of covering all the new school books with all the lovely paper and contact adhesive we've been collecting. I must say, this is not an activity I'm looking forward to.

Here is something new to be added soon to BonTonsKids! Be sure to check them out.

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Angela said...

What a creative family! I like the idea of the kids having their own section of your shop. I hope they do very well!