Thursday, August 20, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner

I thought it might me too early to start thinking about adding some Personalised Santa Sacks for Christmas until I started to do my own Christmas shopping already!

My personalised Christmas Ornaments arrived for my nieces from CutNGlue. If you like them, then you should order now to beat the Rush. They are beautiful!

So people do shop early and like to be organised somewhat. Personalised Santa Sack is now available in my Etsy Shop!


Angela said...

That Santa sack is adorable!!! Thanks so much for showing off my ornaments! Aren't you just SO ready to get started on Christmas orders? I know I am!

michvanetta said...

Love the sacks Christine, what a fabulous idea.
Hope they sell like hotcakes - good for you for being so prepared :)