Friday, April 10, 2009

Felt Craft Crazy

WooHoo School Holiday Fun

So it's the first day of the Easter long weekend, school holidays for the kids.  Here is the first day's craft creations.  I'm loving felt at the moment and I didn't really know how well the girls could hand sew.  I think they did a pretty good job.  They are so imaginative too!

This lot is from Miss 10

This lot is from Miss 7, I love how she tells a little story with the flower!


Angela said...

wow! The girls are very talented! You should sew them together and make pillows!

Vintage Sew and So said...

so very cute

Beadsme said...

great idea Angela. Look great as a pillow.

Ruby-Jo said...

Your girls have done a great job, what a great idea.