Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bags Bags Bags!

I've been carrying my poor old falling apart bag for a while now, debating on whether I was going to buy one or make my own. I am very happy to have found an Australian Bag designer - Nicole Mallalieu

Looking at her bag pattern range I knew the decision to choose one would be difficult.  I had to decide which pattern would be best suited to my needs.  It's got to be spacious enough to hold my stuff and everyone elses stuff, drink bottles, food, phone, I Pods, toys and Nappies.  I would love to carry a cute little Hobo or Slouch bag but I don't think it will hold all the stuff. 

Appropriately I had to choose the Carry All Pattern

Now my next dilema is my fabric choices.  So many beautiful ones to choose from.  I'll keep you posted on what I decide.


Angela said...

I love the one in the photo! You are so talented that of course you could make your own!

Natalia said...

That's a great bag - and the colour of the fabric in the photo is gorgeous!

Ruby-Jo said...

Love the bag, Nicole does great patterns.

Beadsme said...

Great bag, you are clever.